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Product Details

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Chomp Solutions - Spot CHOMP with Tetraflex, 13.2 oz

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Carpet Stain Remover

Worlds Best Carpet Stain Remover!

  • 1st Product ever to receive the Carpet and Rug Institute Seal (CRI) of Approval
  • Dynamic cleaning package - Works on your toughest stains
  • Introducing Tetraflex ™ - Embrittles soils, leaves no residue so stains don't come back
  • Tetraflex™ protects against future stains - actually adds stain resistance with every use
  • Safer chemistry - Will not damage carpet
  • Eliminates Rapid Re-soiling Caused by traditional surfactants

Product Demonstration.
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Anti-Resoiling Demo
Stain Resistance Demo

General Information

  1. All Spot CHOMP Carpet Care Cleaning Products - spot, pet odor and steam vac concentrate - have earned the CRI Seal of Approval. This means they have been independently tested and evaluated as effective cleaners that are safe for your carpets. You can use our products and be sure that all OEM warranties will remain safe and in effect.
  2. Safety - Always use good safety practices and common sense precautions when using cleaning products. One of the benefits of Tetraflex is the fact that Spot CHOMP embrittles as it dries. This means you are able to vacuum away any residues decreasing any contact your family and pets may have with the cleaning product.
  3. Warranty - Spot CHOMP will perform as stated on the label when used according to directions. All warranties and guarantees are limited to replacement or refund value of product with proof of purchase. No other warranty or guarantee is express or implied. As stated on the label, some stains are permanent and no product removes all stains. If stains are old and set try repeat applications of Spot CHOMP to loosen and remove the stain. If our product does not solve the problem and you want to pursue professional help you can go to and find a certified carpet care specialist trained to handle a wide variety of hard to clean stains.


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